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Abyssinian Kittens Available

Price list by color - Kittens start at $1100.00
Examples: Ruddy & Ruddy Torbie Male and Female $1250.00/ Blue and Blue Torbie Male or Female $1250.00/ Chocolate & Chocolate Torbie Male and Female $1500.00/ (Sex-linked) Red Males $1150.00/ (Sex-linked) Red Females $1500.00/ Cinnamon/Red and Cinnamon Torbie Male and Females $1150.00/ Fawn and Fawn Torbie Male and Female $1100.00/ Lilac and Lilac Torbie Male and Female $1500.00/ Cream males $1250.00/ Cream Females $1800.00
Please inquire on breeding prices!!!!


 Sophia & Luke

June 7th 2020

Accepting Deposits Now!

Mike - Male Ruddy

Sold to Cythina

Ike-Male Ruddy

Sold to Joe